Jeannette Samson is wife to Ken Samson and our only part-time employee. Educated at the University of Kansas, in Journalism, Jeannette’s main focus at Dasco Insurance is marketing and communications. Jeannette joined Dasco shortly after Ken and Jeannette’s children were born. In those 17 years, Jeannette has also volunteered at her children’s preschool, elementary school, Deerfield Parent Network, Tennaqua Swim and Tennis Club and the First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield.

Jeannette is a fierce tennis player and paddle tennis player – and has now taught Ken everything she knows. Ken now has surpassed her and beats her in sets regularly.

Little known fact: Jeannette and Ken have known each other since they were each 11 years old. They attended Wilmot Junior High, Deerfield High School and KU together. Now in their 21st year of marriage – they still love each other’s humor and work together very happily. Really.